Welcome to CheckVisaSlots Website

Checkvisaslots.com is a collaborative platform to share the US visa appointments availability in India. The screenshot sharing platform helps to check the availability of US visa appointments more often, without logging in to the CGI portal

Checking US visa appointment availability has been a hurdle to at least 6.5 million users in India, every year, for multiple reasons

  • Lack of slots availability
  • Locking out for 72 hours if CGI (Visa appointment booking) portal *thinks* the user is a bot
  • Daily login limits and blocking the visa applicant for 24 hours after 3-5 logins

To overcome all these hurdles and prevent being locked out by the US visa appointment booking portal, a community of the US visa applicants gather on checkvisaslots.com to share the appointments availability with the fellow community members. The platform is free for use, could help an active platform contributor checking the visa appointments availability as many as 300+ times a day.

Since our launch in September 2021 (till Aug'2022), the platform has served over 46+ million users requests. Do you know

  • The platform currently serves 300,000+ requests every day
  • We are 130,000+ users in February 2023
  • 2500+ daily users who contribute screenshots & know the slots info
  • Our peak was a new screenshot coming in every 2.7 seconds (22 images/minute)
  • 30K+ Chrome Extensioninstalls with 4.8 ⭐
  • 🏆 Our Check US Visa Slots Chrome extension is picked as one of the 12 Google's Favourite of 2022 🏆

While, the website & chrome textension is FREE for use, the email alert service is provided for a minimal charge to keep the service running.

Hoping this service will be useful to you. Feel to reply to this email for any info needed or queries reach us at support@checkvisaslots.com

❤ CheckVisaSlots