Common FAQs on Email Alerts

Q. How do email alerts work?
>>> You will receive email alerts to your CGI Federal registered email when there are US visa appointments available in your preferred window. The info is based on the crowdsourced slots availability screenshots generated by the users of View Sample Email Alert.

Q. Is it mandatory for me an Email Alerts User to contribute screenshots every day?
>>> Yes. We want to ensure the CheckVisaSlots platform helps everyone and not just someone who has paid for email alerts. As we mentioned during the check-out process of alerts subscription, you must contribute every day to receive email alerts. If you do not contribute, you may not get alerts regularly as contributed users will be prioritized for receiving alerts.

You can check your contributions on PRO page or Subscription page.
Q. What is the logic for receiving email alerts?
  • If there is only 1 appointment available, and the contributor already has an appointment earlier than the currently available date, the top 7 contributors will receive an alert about the availability.
  • If there are only 2 appointments available, the top 14 contributors will receive an alert about the availability.
  • If there are more than 2 appointments available, irrespective of ranking, all users with at least 5 contributions in the last 24 hours will receive an availability alert in the email.
  • When bulk appointments (>50 slots) are available, irrespective of ranking, users with at least 1 image contribution in the last 24 hours will receive an email alert.
You can check your rank on the Subscription page.
Q. How to contribute?
>>> Contributing is easy, the extension will do it for you
  1. Install the chrome extension
  2. Give your Access Code (received in the signup) in the extension
  3. Log in to CGI portal from the browser you installed the extension.
  4. As usual, Check the slots availability.
That's all. You can check your contribution on PRO page.
Q. I got an email alert, but when I log in, there was no availability
>>> It could be for two reasons.
  1. Less Slots. one-slot-dates go away in a blink of eye. We have tracked a scenario where 4 slots were gone in the span of 7 seconds. When send an alert we also send the number of slot-dates that were available, take a note on that and infer some threshold to consider on when to login to CGI portal
  2. False Alerts. Some users register as a Dropbox applicant on checkvisaslots even though they are actually looking for Regular appointment on the CGI portal. We are trying all possible ways to reduce them. Anyone such user will be flagged, automatically by the system, on the very first time they visit Consular Appointments. Additionally, user feedback about the slot info is very crucial to weed out a bad contributor. Report the incorrect email alerts through the report button in the email.

  3. Note: Chrome Extension ALWAYS has the latest info

    In between the time an email alert is sent and you go to the CGI (slot booking) portal, if any user opened the CGI and found there is no slot, then that latest (zero slots) information is shown on the chrome extension automatically when you go to the CGI portal on the laptop.
We need an urgent Visa appointment. Can you help us get an appointment as we have email alerts subscription?
>>> No, we do not provide any such service. Purchasing an email alerts subscription does not include any such service. CheckVisaSlots is a platform we built to beat the unfair advantage that visa agents have with multiple login credentials from users. All we do is provide Visa Appointment availability dates based on the crowdsourced screenshots contributed by users.
I have dependents in my visa application. Do you recommend paying for a subscription?
>>> No. It is hard to validate & cater if there are dependents in the visa application.
Q. I have entered a wrong email id that is not in CGI Federal portal, how can I fix it?
>>> Please send an email to Do not forget to include your access code and registered email along with the full-page screenshot of your CGI Federal Home page that shows your email (top right) and visa type (dashboard tiles) shown on it. This is to ensure data correctness on the platform and avoid false data...
Q. My preferred visa slot date has changed due to my cirumstances, how do I update it?
>>> You can change the preferred window from the Subscription page.
Q. I am having issues with payments, whom should I contact?
>>> Please send an email to or Contact We will respond within 48 hours.
Q. Does CheckVisaSlots provide any Visa Slot Booking Service? Does it work with visa agents?
>>> No, we do not provide any such services. No, we do not work with any visa agents. CheckVisaSlots is our passion project that stemmed out of frustration looking for a visa slot, where agents were having an unfair advantage with multiple credentials.
Q. I have some innovative ideas to improve the email alerts subscription, how can I suggest?
>>> Happy to take them all. Please email or Contact

Feel to reply to this email for any info needed or queries reach us at

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