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Email Alert Rank

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Please Read: As agents are impersonating as visa applicants, Contributions for the email ranking MUST come from your registered CGI Email ID.

Rank: 0 indicates you did not contribute any images in the last 24 hours. For the system, Zero contribution is an indication that the user already booked the slot and won't send email alert.

Logic for receiving email alerts

  • If there is only 1 appointment available, and the contributor already has an appointment earlier than the current available date, the top 7 contributors will receive an alert about the availability.
  • If there are only 2 appointments available, the top 14 contributors will receive an alert about the availability.
  • If there are more than 2 appointments available, irrespective of ranking, all users with at least 5 contributions in the last 24 hours will receive an availability alert in the email.
  • When bulk appointments (>50 slots) are available, irrespective of ranking, users with at least 1 image contribution in the last 24 hours will receive an email alert.

Notifications History

Below table shows recent 10 alerts sent to the subscribers of same visa & appointment type as yours. It also shows the reason if the alert is not send to you.

# Local Time Location Availability Alerted Users# Sent to Me Reason Message

About False Alarms

Report the incorrect email alerts through the report button in the email

As long as a user registers as a Dropbox applicant on checkvisaslots but checks for Regular appointment on the CGI portal, False alarms cannot be eliminated completely. We are trying all possible ways to reduce them. Your feedback about the slot info is very crucial to weed out a bad contributor.

Detecting a False Alarm

Chrome Extension ALWAYS has the latest info

In between the time an email alert is sent and you go to the CGI (slot booking) portal, if any user opened the CGI and found there is no slot, then that latest information (zero slots) is shown on the chrome extension automatically when you go to the CGI on the laptop.